The Blue Mistake
Original title: El error azul

The Blue Mistake

Original title: El error azul

Amelia was always different from the other girls. For Martin, the pharmacist’s nephew and Alberto, the mayor’s son, Amelia is a perfect being. In time, she chooses Martin, the rebel; a nonconformist atheist. So Alberto, now lieutenant Recuero, dedicates his life and military career to wrecking Martin’s life. The civil war makes it easy for him, as he is on the winning side, and Martin, in spite of being married to Amelia, cannot share their marital bed because he is forced to be hidden. Lieutenant Recuero continues to court her whilst surreptitiously ordering his men to torture her in case she knows Martin’s whereabouts.

Highlights The Blue Mistake


Javier Lorenzo bewitches us with a story of love, hate and vengeance during the civil war.


A devastating war. A great unrequited love. Two wounds that will never heal.

A beautiful novel which contrasts the horror of war with the wonder of love. The hatred of two men who love the same woman, whom war and ideology have placed on opposing sides, contrasted with the delicacy of their pure thoughts and admiration of beauty.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-08-10661-6 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta